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ok thanks, I think i was under the impression that I should be losing more. I was stuck going up and down between 146 and 144 for about 2 months, i knew i wasnt sticking to plan but i didnt think i was too far off. I also travel a lot and on the road fast food is the only option. I just started recording what i eat.

Im not following a set plan like atkins or anything right now im just trying to keep my carbs under 20.

I thought those shakes would be fine since they are so low win carbs but high in protein but ill lay off them, I also drink 1 diet coke a day (sometimes only half) just to make myself feel like in not suffering but ill cut that out too.

Thank you for the advice! I was getting really down but now have the motivation to keep going, and remind myself to be PATIENT!

(my past week menus has been pretty much the same, protein shake or eggs, chicken breast, 1 whole zucchini or salad, handful of nuts, and some type of meat and vegetable for dinner. sometimes i also snack on cheese or skinny pop popcorn)
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