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Using VF to stabilize whip cream and use less to make frosting

Originally Posted by judytab View Post
Bonbon, Your cake is beautiful and looks delicious! Do you use the liquid or the powder Vitafiber for stabilizing whipped cream? And how much would you use for 2 cups of cream?
Thanks Judy, I'm actually noshing on some yummy cake now! I keep deciding that it is healthy enough to eat for dinner

For the stabilized whip cream, I used the liquid. You know I keep meaning to measure but haven't. I would guesstimate about 2-3 tsp. per cup of cream. One tsp may be possible - I decided to start with more but haven't cut back to see if less works yet. What I did worked well, but so might less.

I also think you can likely use less VF syrup in the frostings than noted above, now I've had a chance to tuck in and really try out this cake. I used 1/2 cup and 1/3 cup for the frostings (made very large amounts). They each had whip cream in them (one quite a lot) as well as butter and cream cheese and the frostings ended up like super light mousse. People tasting it thought it was a mousse cake. So I guess our beloved VF can be whipped up to make stabilized mousse-like substances too! So perhaps for the frostings, maybe 2 tablespoons VF syrup for a smallish cake frosting and 1/4 cup for a larger one.
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