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I don't do a lot of exercise, and now that I'm close to my goal weight, it definitely shows. I'm pretty flabby. I go to a pilates class every Saturday and take the stairs at work every day. After being pretty much completely sedentary, I think that was just enough to get my metabolism going, but now I need to work on toning and building muscle.
If you aren't going to the center, then my opinion would be to start your protein and calories on the high side and adjust from there. I think it would be better to go high and lower gradually until you see results, rather than to take a chance of taking in too little protein. You can find info online to help you calculate how many calories you burn with your swim lessons, as well as what you burn just doing nothing. From what I understand, 500 calories of protein is the bare minimum of what you need if you weren't doing any exercise. So you'll want to add protein for all the calories you are burning as well.
I hope this makes sense, I'm no expert by any means. I should add this program is meant to be physician monitored, so be careful. You can still lose weight, albeit slower, by monitoring your calorie intake and reducing it by a smaller amount than is done so on this particular diet.
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