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Yes I called at about 5: looks like Monday but

maaaaybe tomorrow. He said he was not satisfied with what they kept delivering so he kept at it till he was happy- all is painted and he just has to put it all together. No week end plans here almost never so I don't mind but oh yes, I like that old Jeep sitting in my drive way wheather I am going to use it or not.
Details for Susan but what are braces? Anyhow- he was quite tall and was just standing in front of me quite close or I was standing close to him cause his back was near a wall and I just lept into his arms and oh he felt so good and Iwas loving it but said I was sorry but he said AH, LETS DO IT and was hugging me back to beat the band. Somehow my arms got under or into that jacket and that was even better. Next thing I knew the formal fireman dress jacket was gone and he had on one of those thin gray tee shirts- great muscles and we were somehow on the ground but just a real hugging party- I ask him if he had lost weight ??? Stupid thing to say and he said no. Then Bev called about my hair and pulled the pin from my silly grin. It was just a sweet, sweet dream.
SuSun, Is that a breast needle biopsy. I must have missed a post. When is it for? I will be saying prayers for you
The heat got me today but I did get in a 8 or 9 hr day starting at dayliht so I am happy about that.
Yawning my head off so will try a few puzzles from the newspapers from last week then sleep. Rain for the next 3 days. I hope they are right for a change.
Lainey "libra 71"

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