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Hoping Lainey gets her car back to her today, and her hair washed, Lordy! This summer just keeps on humming along.

Julie, how nice to have your son and family for a quick visit!!

Begete, after this license stuff, I'm not surprised at all to hear John had to pay a traffic ticket from another state FIRST, lol. We have never moved out of state before, so didn't expect all of this, we thought all the states worked together to be in this century, but NO, we were wrong. I had to bring in marriage certificate, naturalization paper, real social security card (no copies of anything allowed), a bill from a utility company with my name and current address on it, and I even brought along a magazine with my name and address on it. dh had the car registration, and good thing it had my name on it too, plus the car insurance with both our names, so they did us together, took over 20 minutes though. Thumb prints, photo taking, but we GOT in, like I said yesterday, it was easier to get into East Berlin in 1967 !!! You also get to register to vote at the same time, so they send a card to do that.

Mary, that danged fire is a misery of the worst proportion, hope it would die away soon, but those winds down there don't help.

Verleen, I just ran across your email address so was going to write you, and there you were today! I can only imagine how messed up all of your stuff is, and hard to remember where it even is now, oh my!! How are the animals taking it? Is the A/C working well, at least?

Linda, hope your tooth is fixed for good now, and the soreness/taste goes away. How is your Mom?

35, I've heard of that show but never watch cooking shows, used to though. We used to love "Drive In's, Diners and Dives", but haven't watched that anymore, either. Maybe in the winter, life will slow down.

Off to wash dishes from last night's dinner, and then get ready to go to the kids, our Friday night "out" meal, and that's that for us.

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