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Originally Posted by hot-in-texas View Post
I always do breakfast for dinner on dds. I have been thinking lately that I want to have blacked eyed peas and potatoes on dds lol. It always sounds good when I read your dd posts!
It is very good! I checked all the calories on different brands of BEP's and the lowest one I found was a brand called Lucks "low fat". The whole can is 99 calories. That's the lowest one I have found. I like putting some on top of the potato. Very yummy and filling, but I may have your DD tomorrow. lol I bought a big bag of baking potatoes and the calories on the bag say 110 per potato so I just peel, and boil it then put a little chicken broth in the make it mash smooth and then put the peas on top. It's around 215 calories. And it is a lot of food.
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