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Originally Posted by hikergurl View Post
So according to Dr. Johnson's calculator, for 40% weight loss/maintenance calories, I should be at 830 and 2076. So if I do 500 cals on DD, should I add 130 cals to my UD calories? That seems like an awful lot of calories. And is 40% what I should be shooting for?

Here are my stats:
activity=1-3 times/week (I'll most likely exercise more than that but want to be conservative)

Sorry for all the questions. I do understand JUDDD, just trying to make sure I'm super clear on how to do it with HCG P3.
Dr. Johnson considers the induction period 2 weeks to be 500 calories for everyone. So no matter, what start at 500 calories on DD and then after 2 weeks, move to where you feel is best for your weight and height. Do you want to lose? If so, go for the 20%. If you are okay with slow loss, do the 40%.
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