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Originally Posted by C'Marie View Post
Thank you so much for your responses. I went to the JUDDD calculator and and will be jumping from the 72 hours (I'm on Rx) straight to one UP day I think and then starting the rotation. I will stay away from sugar and starch for the 3 weeks and then go from there. If I go up above 2+ pounds, do I do a true Simeons' CD? or just do another DD and ?

Also, I have copied out ALL of the percentages, from 20% to 60% with my UD calories, and the 1784 UD calories at 20% is 357 and the 60% is 1070. In order to make sure I activate the Sirt1 gene as quickly as possible, since I will be only (at first) attempting to maintain, what is the percentage level I should be shooting for? 40% at 714? or? 45% at 803? or other suggestions? Do I need to hit 500 or lower for the induction phase? I really want that activation asap.
These are all the same questions I have. If I jump straight into JUDDDD in P3, I'm trying to figure out what to do if I go 2lbs over LIW while JUDDDDing - correction day or just a DD? Or do I not weigh myself during those 3 weeks?

Also, I assume I'll want to maintain for a while before starting to try to lose weight again, right? In order to lock that weight in? If so, what calorie percentages should I be shooting for?

Thanks for all the help!
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