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Originally Posted by hikergurl View Post
I'm currently in the middle of P2 of my 4th round of HCG. I thought my 3rd round would be my last, but went a little nuts during P4, didn't keep myself accountable, and gained back 10 lbs. So I'm hoping I've learned my lesson and that this will be last round. However, I do know I need to figure out a long-term plan for maintenance, and I'm thinking JUDDD might be it.

For those of you who have done HCG and then moved into JUDDD, did you start JUDDD on your first day of P3? Or did you do the three weeks of P3 first to make sure your weight was locked in, and then start JUDDD for P4? I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to stabilize, and knowing that on JUDDD I could go 2lbs over my LIW from an UD scares me a bit.

Do most of you eat sugars & starches on JUDDD? I have come to "villainize" them, but then find myself binging on them when I can't stand it anymore. Obviously this is not a healthy way of eating long term. If I could just look at them like any other part of my diet, perhaps I could actually find balance and harmony in my eating
I did several rounds of HCG the last 2 rounds I could not stabilize and I didn't want to do correction days all the time and I didn't want to do another round of P2 so I decided to do juddd. I was up 10 pounds from my last P2 I have lost 4.8 of that doing juddd, I am in my 3rd week of juddd.

I am doing 500 calories on my dd's and my ud's are 1668 this is with no exercise. I am adding in a different food each UD things that I haven't had in ages, what I have learned on my UD's is that I don't have to eat everything in sight because I can have it another day and on my dd's I just remind myself that I can have lots of food tomorrow, this has really helped me not to binge on sugars and starches.

The weight loss is slower but at least I am losing weight and feeling deprived of anything.

I hope this helps.

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