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Originally Posted by Becky View Post
Not lazy, just very busy. I'm going to start cooking up a bunch of chicken and ground beef on Sundays so I have faster meals during the week (taco-less taco salad, chicken wings or drumsticks, Ceasar salad etc...). I may buy some of the Atkins frozen meals for a very busy day. I have been resorting to grabbing a couple plain double cheeseburgers at Mc D's lately so I'm not tempted to snarf down on crackers while playing mom's taxi service.
I didn't mean that you were lazy of course I'm really busy too but fortunate to have a lot of help around the house. You just made me crave taco-less salad


One of the very few things we have complete control over is what we put in our mouths. Unless someone hogs us down, pries open our jaws and force feeds us, we have total and complete control of our eating.
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