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Originally Posted by Becky View Post
I eat less on low carb, it's because I hate cooking so I reallllllly have to be hungry to eat. With my Weight Watchers days I could just pop a frozen dinner in the microwave and chow down 4 minutes later, or eat crackers or cereal or other nice high carb junk. With low carb it is a whole production to cook my meal so unless I just want a cheese stick or pepperoni I have to be really hungry. This is a very good thing! No more mindless eating.
This is the conundrum when it comes to low carb eating. Making almost EVERYTHING from scratch is a real drag. Most people, (myself included sometimes ) would rather crack open a bag of chips ahoy than to make cookies from scratch. It's the single biggest reason for cheating and lack of success for me. I know you can make double batches and freeze a lot of things, but it still takes a LOT of time to do this diet right- whole foods, no processed junk, etc. A lot of kitchen time and a lot of clean-up time and sometimes I just don't want to do it.
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