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Stalled and Confused


I have been reading these posts for some time and found them informative. Now I would like to join in and ask for advice re:Atkins.

I am a woman, and in week 5 of induction, although I have added some fruit in the fourth week, I generally intake between 20 - 25 grams of carbs a day. I drink plenty of water, decalf tea, and mix up the diet with a variety of vegetables in their proper amounts. I go for poultry and fish - sometimes beef, and do partake in drinking coffee each morning.

Dilemma: I quickly dropped 12 pounds within the first week. I actually felt my body disolving each day. I have not lost a pound since.

I realize that this quandry has been addressed before - but I am hoping that someone will say: stick to it and one morning it will all disappear! Is this the case?


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