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Is atkins nutritionals going out of business? Where have the products gone? Is the only ones you are going to produce is the shakes and bars? Why was this decision made? Did NA find that the products tripped people up if they were in the weightloss phase so decided it was best to discontinue them and push the "real foods" alot more?


Dr. Atkins dreamed of developing controlled carbohydrate versions of convenient, nutritious, and great tasting food so that he and all others following his approach to eating could have more satisfying meal options. Atkins Nutritionals was formed with the vision “to change the way the world eats to promote good health”. Our mission is: “To help people enjoy healthier lives, Atkins will be the pioneer and the leader in providing innovative nutritional and information products based on controlled carbohydrate nutritional science and rooted in the Atkins Nutritional Approach”. We have always stood by our vision and mission. We are proud that we have created the ‘low carb category’ for individuals such as you.

There is now overwhelming competition in the category by large food companies such as Kraft. Additionally, it doesn’t help any that the media has a profound effect on people’s perceptions, not only about the Atkins Nutritional Approach but also about products and the ‘low carb craze’. For every research study that supports the safety and efficacy of the approach, there is someone who is interviewed and states an unsubstantiated negative comment in the press. For every initiative we take to educate consumers about the nutritional superiority of Atkins products, another five products that claim to be low carb (but have added sugar, excessive sugar alcohols, Trans fats, little fiber and protein) are put on store shelves. The media has a field day with all of the negatives.

The tsunami of products and damaging media has forced us to quickly react and change. For now, we will be focusing our product manufacturing on bars, shakes, and “better for you” candy under the Atkins Morning Start, Advantage, and Endulge brands. We are also evolving our messages to be more relevant to people’s nutrition needs, but without compromising our vision and mission. We do recognize that Atkins is “out of favor” with the media and culture. However, we do still have a lot to offer. Reducing carbs has become mainstream, even if it isn’t Atkins, and there is a growing awareness of the relationship between health and nutrition. Even if individuals are not following a low carb lifestyle, the principles behind Atkins will still resonate with them. We believe we can continue “to change the way the world eats to promote good health” by educating people on nutrition. Over the next few months, you’ll see us evolve our messaging from “low carb” to “health and nutrition.” We’ll communicate that our products are nutritionally superior and can fit with any popular diet approach or lifestyle. We will also talk about the Net Atkins Count, and how this patent pending methodology substantiates the low glycemic impact of our products, which is important for any diet or lifestyle.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We wish we could provide you with suggestions as you requested to turn this tide around. The only thing we ask is that you stay loyal and recognize that we are on your side.

Our products are sold in 30,000 retail stores in the US which include but are not limited to Wal-Mart, Target, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Albertson’s, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.

Please be aware that some stores do not carry all Atkins products, or may be temporarily out of the items that you need. You can also order several products from Netrition or the atkins site. [/COLOR]


Yes please ask her 'as women reach menopause and their metabolisms slow down what are the main things we can do to keep the pounds off and if there are any tricks she knows of to rev up our metabolism?'

I am also interested in if she has heard of adding in certain spices~ if that Truely 'helps' increase metabolism ie: ginger and cayenne.


You’ve no doubt heard the anonymous prayer that asks for the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. For most of us, this includes the weather, gravity and certain family members. But how about gaining weight in middle age? Is it a fact that, no matter how diligent we are, the pounds will creep on alongside those smile lines and crow’s feet? Here’s good news: Research and experts in the field concur that gaining weight need not be an inevitable side effect of aging.

Gaining weight as we age is all about muscle mass. Between our mid-20s and mid-50s, we lose an average of about one half pound of muscle and add about a pound and a half of fat each year—resulting in a net gain of about one pound. The process is much more gradual in our 20s and speeds up as we get older. The key is in the loss of muscle: Because of this gradual atrophying of muscle tissue, our resting metabolic rate decreases by about 5 percent each year. In the average sedentary American, the resting metabolic rate is responsible for burning about 75 percent of the calories we consume. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body consumes to feed, maintain and repair that tissue.

The good news is that physical activity is a reliable and effective tool in staving off this virtually inevitable assault on our aging bodies. How much activity? Just 30 minutes a day of strength training plus 20 minutes of aerobic exercise should do the trick.

After insulin, Dr. Atkins believed that hormome replacement therapy (HRT) is a leading offender in terms of inhibited weight loss. Menopausal women who take estrogen or an estrogen-progesterone combo have a lot of trouble shedding pounds. In fact, weight gain, water retention and skyrocketing triglyceride levels are well-known side effects of HRT. "There are better, more natural ways to treat menopause symptoms," Dr. Atkins said. "Folic acid in prescription-strength doses, for example, helps minimize many symptoms, as do other nutrients, such as boron, soy isoflavones and herbs such as agnus cactus and dong quai." Also, consume moderate amounts of soy products.

There are limited studies confirming the effectiveness of ginger and cayenne effectiveness to increase metabolism, however, they do have certain health benefits and would not hurt. [/COLOR]


is it true that soy does slow your metabolism? or is that only the case if you are hypothyroid ?


Soy contains lots of phytochemicals along with isoflavones that contribute to estrogenic activity. The isoflavones in soy are labels as both estrogenic and antiestrogenic. If a woman with breast cancer is estrogen receptor positive, then she is advised, conservatively, to consume no more than 2 servings of soy in foods and not to use concentrates or soy supplements. However, if an individual is not a breast cancer survivor with estrogen receptor positive nodes, than soy products are encouraged to decrease the risk of not only cancer but free radical damage to cells and organs. Depending of how much soy and in what products the soy is in, you should not worry. Those with hypothyroid conditions should also limit soy exposure to two servings daily.


I'm sure you'll also ask her about calories and if they recommend any certain levels based on your current weight or goal weight? or if they are strictly worried about counting carbs only?

Oh and what about a question about their net carb thing and what is the science behind being able to subtract some of the carbs? I know there are many people on here who disagree with subtracting sugar alcohols.


In Dr Atkins early books he did not talk about calories. His belief was that it was not necessary to count calories because the ANA naturally controlled appetite so one only needs to count carbs.His philosophy was that one should eat until satisfied (but not stuffed) and that counting carbs was all the general public reading his books should be concerned about.

However, in private practice, when the nutritionists on his staff would need to trouble shoot, calories where one area that would be investigated. We would just do a spot check to make sure that someone was not eating too little or too much, both of which may cause a stall in weight loss.

So if you are successfully losing weight and or inches there is no need to burden yourself with counting calories as well as carbs. If you are stalled or have reached a plateau, are feeling tired, have trouble with energy levels during exercise, then a spot check is recommended.

I don’t think ones optimal calorie intake is a numerical equation. Metabolism, activity level, age, genetics, muscle mass, gender, weather, and general state of health are all variables that would affect the optimal level. So each person needs to find their own level. I go by the general rule to start with the minimum of 1800 calories for women and 2000 calories for men and adjust from there.

The Net Atkins Count™, is the only count based on the most advanced clinical testing of glycemic impact, shows on average just 2g to 5g of the carbs in the Atkins Advantage product line impact blood sugar.

Here is a news release confirming out patented method from 2003 in an Independent study;


The Ohio State University
Division of Medical Dietetics

April 11, 2003


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A recent report on research from Ohio State University on the effect on insulin and glucose levels produced by eating energy bars erroneously generalized the findings to all bars in the study when in fact, one bar – the Atkins Advantage Bar – showed minimal impact on blood sugar.

The study confirmed that Atkins Advantage Bars produced a significant reduction (71 percent) in plasma glucose levels compared to white bread with similar calorie levels (which served as a control for the study), and a reduction of 26 percent in serum insulin compared with controls. This study demonstrated that substitution of other macronutrients for carbohydrates is effective for reducing post prandial glycemia.

When the study evaluated other moderate and high carbohydrate bars, the insulin response was actually elevated compared with the white bread control. This was not the case with the Atkins Bar. The three bars in the study produced very different results.

The results of the study showed that the Atkins Advantage Bar significantly reduced both blood glucose levels and serum insulin compared to the control and the other bars. The original report of this research inaccurately characterized all bars in the study as a group.[/COLOR]


I guess I have always wondered about what the other carbohydrates mean on the food labels. Can they be subtracted too or are they only a list of the non desirable carbs? I am looking forward to what she has to say about metabolism for sure!!


The Net Atkins Count™, is the only count based on the most advanced clinical testing of glycemic impact, shows on average just 2g to 5g of the carbs in the Advantage product line impact blood sugar.

Our label claims are based on clinical testing of blood sugar responses. Other companies use a subtraction method that subtracts sugar alcohols, fiber, and glycerine. [/COLOR]


Many of us have had their gallbladders out and still want to do the correct amount of fat that lowcarbing needs.

I'm wondering if the people with no gallbladders should cut back to around 50 percent fat instead of the 65 percent recommended by Atkins?

Just curious how NOT having a gallbladder affects the ingestion of fat.


You can follow a lower fat version of Atkins. Use fish, poultry, lean meats, and low fat cheese (in moderation) and lots of vegetables. Avoid creamy salad dressing; instead use olive oil and vinegar or a mustard based dressing. Eat nuts only in moderation. Don't fry foods, and use lean cuts of meat. Stay away from processed meats such as bacon and sausage. Supplementing with unsweetened, smooth textured, orange-flavored Metamucil daily will help bulk your stools. Take 1 tablespoon in a full glass of water and drink immediately. [/COLOR]

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