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Originally Posted by Carly View Post
I say all the time that UD is every other day. Every other day is not always a fantastic food filled orgy. Sometimes it is yogurt and left over pizza.

It's every other day for goodness sake. Who gets to eat pancakes, pizza, a five course dinner followed by ice cream every other day and maintain there goal weight?

Not me!!!! I'm also too busy in my life to create amazing food filled orgies every other day. I usually have one really decadent meal out each week.

One! One decadent meal per week. I'm fine with that. It's also much more enjoyable that way.

Carly: I remember you saying that a while back and a huge light bulb popped brightly on in my head!!

My mindset totally changed because of what you said. Thank you!

That along with how JUDDD is totally regulating my appetite and food cravings.

At this stage of my re-start, I'm finding that I have very specific wants for upcoming UDs. When I fulfill those, the following DD is absolutely fantastic.

It's like I'm listening to my body more than ever and I feel very healthy about all of it.

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