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thanks for the feedback!, ive been thinking about working out between practices to build up my stamina for competition but i just get worried that eating low carb will somehow hinder my workouts. As for my practices, the team 18 and up so with everyones schedule we can only meet once every 2 weeks, and we usually work on choreography for our next competition so im not looking to improve my dancing right now, its just a fun thing to do. But i see what your saying, i didnt realize that could be hurting my body more than helping it.

Taxbane- 15 minutes a few times a week actually sounds pretty good! and I think im also going to do some cardio too. I have always hated cardio but i need it for competition

my ultimate goal weight right now is 130. I dont think i have ever weighed less than that. Ill start slow and build up the days i work out and the intensity. Thanks for all your help everyone!
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