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It is challenging to eat low carb when you have to travel a lot. I bring lowcarb food options with me when I travel--flax crackers, nut butter, individually wrapped single-serving cheeses, boiled eggs, vaccuum packs of salmon and tuna, almonds, etc. In a hotel, I often eat a big breakfast with a lot of protein and fat (say, scrambled eggs or omelet, bacon or sausage), and then can eat just salad or skip lunch. You may be able to get sandwich fillings in a bowl of salad (Subway, Chipotle) or in a lettuce leaf (Jimmy Johns) or eat burgers without buns or added "special sauce."

It sounds like you aren't eating very much fat, and fat can be your friend in helping you feel satisfied and healthy, so long as you keep your carbs very low. Put full-fat dressing on salad, butter on the vegetables, eat chicken thighs rather than skinless chicken breast.

I find it easier to eat lowcarb if I follow a plan and know the logic of why this way of eating works for weight loss and maintenance. I strongly recommend reading Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It. The older Atkins diet, Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution (DADR) is easy to find used and has worked for many people here. With Atkins, you can slowly add different types of carbs (working up the carb ladder) and see if your weight continues to drop or not.

Since you are not very heavy (at 142 pounds) and only have 10 more pounds to lose, your weight loss will be especially slow. I don't know how tall you are; make sure that you aren't going for an unrealistically low goal that will be unhealthy and/or impossible to reach or maintain for your body. As we approach goal weight, many of us find it helpful to use an online tracker to track carbs and calories jointly.

Good luck!
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