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Scales that measure body fat percentage are notoriously inaccurate. You would need to use a more reliable method, such as the water immersion Dexascan or "bodpod" methods (maybe through a local gym or university recreation center), to be sure of what is happening with your fat versus muscle percentages.

A bit of advice: drop the Atkins preprepared products (bars and shakes). They contain sugar alcohols which stall many people, since they can cause increases in blood glucose/insulin levels. Eat real foods like non-starchy veggies and meat instead of processed food.

What do you consider "pretty slow" for weight loss, when you stay on plan? Few people lose more than 1 or 2 pounds per week, after the initial loss of water. I don't eat off plan, count calories, eat very clean (no preservatives, junk foods, or sweeteners), eat only 300-500 calories every other day (JUDDD), limit carbs to under 30/day, and lose maybe 6 pounds in a good month. The closer you are to your goal weight, too, the harder it is to lose weight. Sometimes we just have to be patient and keep our expectations realistic, in terms of the rate of weight loss.

If you specify what plan you are following and post a few days' menus, others may be able to give you further suggestions.
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