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help :(

Im new here, but constantly read this forum an now i need help. I started low carb in september at 156 pounds. initially i lost rather quickly but found myself cheating A LOT, so it is now january and i just hit 142 pounds. I would like to lose another 10 pounds but the weight is coming off pretty slow despite me being more strict with my carbs. I find that my scale is telling me that most of the weight loss is muscle loss. I dont workout much but I do a dance team that meets once every 2 weeks, I gain muscle from that practice then any weight loss i see is all from the new muscle! Im trying to eat as much protein as possible but it still doesnt help. for example, in terms of protein, yesterday i had an atkins protein shake, a chicken breast for lunch and a steak for dinner. can anyone help me burn fat quicker and not muscle?
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