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Originally Posted by KeirasMom View Post

B: Black coffee
S: Sun Warrior shake mixed with just water
L: We'll be out, maybe chili or a Subway salad
S: We'll be at the ball park, and I may have a beer or chips or both
D: Depends on what happens at the ball park.

I will allow myself to go to 1050 calories today if I need them since we'll be going to watch a baseball game with friends, and that's the upper end of my maintenance range.
Breakfast ended up being my shake mixed with 1/2 C greek yogurt.
Lunch ended up being a beer at the ball park along with some of Keira's peppers/onions off her hot dog.
Dinner is going to be a guacamole turkey burger with added jalapeno.

We ran the bases after the game, so I'm counting that as exercise. I'm also sunburned and dehydrated. I'm drinking as much as I can, but expect a little bounce in the morning.

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