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Thanks Emel for replying to my post...Yah!!

Answer to your questions;

1) HWC.. Maybe about 1/2 cup between all three cups
2) I am not eating veggies as of 3 days ago when I started and this is why...

I've been dieting since March, just had a baby, 3rd child and a huge age difference. almost 40.
My plan was, have the baby, low carb like I always do, lose the weight.
Well it didn't happen like that. I realize I'm a lot older with this baby then the last 2. I also realize because I'm older, I can't eat the same Low-carb way I did in my 20's. And I didn't just realize that until I wasn't losing fast enough. I went to the doctor to see what was wrong with me.. Well nothing is wrong with me. I'm just older and from all my ups and downs I am kind metabolism resistant..SOoooooo with that said, I jumped on this board to see what I could find.
I did so many variations of the Atkins including cutting calories down to 1200. I eat salad with creamy, no carb dressings. eggs, eggs and eggs bacon, nuts, steak, fish all meats tons of cheese, small meals, big meals, not eating after 5, walking sit-ups..everything..i started taking things out, adding more fats.. This is were I'm at now. When I add veggies, I get out of ketosis. I plan on adding them later on the low carb. but right now, I just want to lose this weight...FAST!!!
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