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Originally Posted by Emmaline View Post
Did any of you try using coconut oil in your diets and topically? I have problems with my skin that has been helped by adding coconut oil to my life!
You can check all the CO threads that have been on here. I would think krill oil taken as a supplement would help too. It's very anti inflammatory...
I haven't yet, coconut oil is about the only thing I haven't used. I take fish oil, Vitamin D and curcumin atm. I will look for some good quality coconut oil the next time I am in town. You just rub it on your skin and take a shot of it? Wondering how it should be consumed. I hate coconut so hope it doesnt taste like it!! Ty for your advice.

Originally Posted by ultrasof View Post
I really hope this can help:

I have (had) dyshidrosis too, on my fingers and toes.
Although my blisters were very deep undereath the skin, so they would never crack by itching them, I "just" had to wait (sometimes weeks) for them to crack & then dry "by themselves".
Never found something to solve the problem, untill...

what did the trick for me was going (and staying!) gluten-free

Let me explain: I went gluten-free for other health reasons, and there was no spectacular improvement at's only after a few months that I could definitely tell it was "less worse" than I am 2,5 years GF and I just have a couple blisters on my fingers once in a while (absolutely nothing to do with the torture I was enduring before, almost all the time).
But it was quite slow: the breakouts gradually lasted less, went smaller and less painful etc.

It seems you tried GF already, but for how long? I'd say it was around 1 year after going GF that I could say I was really better on the "skin problems" side.
I wish you all the best!

PS: I also went mostly grain-free (not avoiding it as strictly as gluten but usually not eating any) since then, and of course with LC now I am sugar-free too...not sure if this helped but it might have, too.
Well I am going on 7 months gluten free. Before that I went nearly a year gluten and dairy free. Nothing helped. I originally thought quitting dairy had helped but it was at the same time I was using Vaseline and Coal Tar almost obsessively. Since I've now had an outbreak while I was gluten and dairy free, I just don't believe its food related. I am now eating dairy for the past month and a half with no ill effects at all.

I will be off gluten for the rest of my life probably. I have no desire to ever eat it again. We will see if in a few years how bad my dishydrotic eczema ends up being. All I can do is wait and keep gluten free.

Also I have not been eating any grains of any form for nearly 4 months. I quit eating rice awhile back and that was the only grain I ate. I would eat potatoes and sweet potaotes but that's about it.

Thanks for the help guys. It feels great just to talk about it. I suffer alone, in silence. It is hard. I get no empathy for my eczema or RA from my peers or family. It is an invisible disease and what people can't see, they don't think about. I have to remind people about my limitations. It can get frustrating but I do understand I am the one living through this, not anyone else, I can't expect too much. But it can wear you down, especially in times of stress.

Oh- also wanted to add, HURRAY!! I am so happy you got your dishydrotic eczema figured out. I can imagine your relief... I can imagine how nice it would be to go more than 10 months without an outbreak. It really does give me hope that you have cured yourself. Who knows, maybe it will just take me longer to get all the bad stuff out of my system. Since I do have an autoimmune disorder, my body heals slow.

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