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I really hope this can help:

I have (had) dyshidrosis too, on my fingers and toes.
Although my blisters were very deep undereath the skin, so they would never crack by itching them, I "just" had to wait (sometimes weeks) for them to crack & then dry "by themselves".
Never found something to solve the problem, untill...

what did the trick for me was going (and staying!) gluten-free

Let me explain: I went gluten-free for other health reasons, and there was no spectacular improvement at's only after a few months that I could definitely tell it was "less worse" than I am 2,5 years GF and I just have a couple blisters on my fingers once in a while (absolutely nothing to do with the torture I was enduring before, almost all the time).
But it was quite slow: the breakouts gradually lasted less, went smaller and less painful etc.

It seems you tried GF already, but for how long? I'd say it was around 1 year after going GF that I could say I was really better on the "skin problems" side.
I wish you all the best!

PS: I also went mostly grain-free (not avoiding it as strictly as gluten but usually not eating any) since then, and of course with LC now I am sugar-free too...not sure if this helped but it might have, too.

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