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Originally Posted by DD80 View Post
I have psoriasis on my hands and feet, so not quite the same thing, but I have all the same sorts of symptoms. I'm not sure if it is related to food, but it came on after I ate a lot of peanuts (over about a month) after being told that I was allergic. I've alway attributed it to that. It comes on any part of my hands/feet that get rubbed on a lot (under big toes, balls of feet, back of ankle, thumbs and forefingers especially bad.) Popped up on my knees and elbows. (I work out a lot so this is unavoidable ) I'm constantly wrapping up my finger tips with bandaids because once they split, I have to keep a bandaid on they for at least 24 hours or else they just won't heal. I think I keep bandaid brand in business! I wear socks and gloves with vaseline every night, soak in dead sea salts (been bad about that lately though), and have tried all the cortisone creams. So, I can sympathize with you...totally annoying, painful, and embarassing.

Are you eating milk products again? If it worked last time, I'd cut them out again for sure. I think things like that can be a trigger. I stay away from peanuts even though the allergist said I am no longer allergic. Too scary.

I also started UVB treatments. I bought my own small handheld machine and have been doing them 3-4 times/week and I think it's helping. Little by little. Is that an option for the eczema?

Sorry to hear about your eczema. My ****** immune system has also has me fighting some kind of issue with my right foot... this summer I wore shoes that caused a heat burn or heat rash or something, and I am still suffering from it. Dry cracked red skin that won't go away. I soak in sea salt and bath salts and nothing has helped. I think I have fungal infections or something.. I was on an insane amount of antibiotics as a child. I blame a lot of my issues on that after reading so much about it.

I have to say that I have read that bandaids on eczema is very bad. The skin needs to air out. Just what I read!!! Everyone works differently

Yes eating dairy just since going on LC. Did not eat it for 7 months since ive been gluten free. The eczema break out happened about 3-4 months ago, theres been no change since starting to eat dairy again.

I dont know WHY but cheese has never been a problem. At least it never caused me any kind of reactions when I was doing my 3 elimination diets! Milk caused issues every time I tested. There is something specifically in milk, I would have to research it again as I forget. But there is an enzyme that is not in cheese.

Honestly I am at the point where I think it is a fungal infection or stress related. I just dont know.
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