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Originally Posted by catne View Post
I've used El Viajero Queso Para Freir from Walmart...and it was very good. Can't compare it to the WF version you're talking about, because I never tried that one. The Queso Para Freir was too good for me, actually, because I way over-ate it...fried a little, loved the taste, fried some more, loved the taste, fried some more. Well you know how that little tale ends. Fabulous snack, but dairy stall!

Have to save delicacies like that for special occasions.
I'm with you, catne. Once upon a time, I didn't have the dreaded 'dairy stall, ever;' a few years later and with some extra awesome (/sarcasm) metabolism damage and I have to be sparing with the cheese, now, too. I'm happy to have found this, though; I had experimented with other brands of cheeses in hopes of duplicating the flavor, to no avail. Since this is produced by the same company, I have high hopes for the same well-remembered flavor. I'll make a small amount and share generously with boy-child.
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