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Originally Posted by Zyllah View Post
So I'm curious for those of you that have hit your goal how are you using NK to maintain?
I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but here goes. I only had about 18 pounds to lose, and I think the dynamics and strategies are different when you have more. But I didn't really change my diet much between loss and maintenance, in large part because I deliberately chose a method which I knew I could live with long-term. My reasoning was that whatever I did to lose the weight - if I wasn't willing to keep doing it then I would just gain it all back. So it had to be something I could keep doing indefinitely. Therefore, I didn't drop my carb intake as low as a lot of people do, I kept it around 35-45 grams (net) per day. That's a level that I knew I could live with comfortably. And luckily it is also a level at which I could lose when I was over my target weight, and which keeps me comfortably around 130-132 pounds now. (I probably COULD go lower if I wanted to restrict more, but I think this is a good weight for me.)

When I was losing, I had not yet read Art and Sci of LC Living, so I was simply doing low-carb rather than NK, and I wasn't tracking my protein or fat intake. I suspect that I was probably eating a bit less fat when I was losing, and now I eat more. I just ate to appetite on fat and protein. But while my body was burning up excess fat stores, I suspect my appetite for fat was a little less than it is now. Now I love me some fat bombs. I didn't eat them back then.

ETA: Zyllah, I did not mean to claim that my strategy is necessarily different from yours since you had more to lose. I don't know how much you had to lose! I've just learned from these boards that those with 50+ pounds to lose have some very different challenges than those of us who had less. So I was only trying to be sensitive to that. Hope it came across in the way I intended.


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