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Originally Posted by Emita View Post
@madmarsha: I WISH I had pork rinds. since moving back to the east coast they're hard to find!
Really? Interesting. Actually where I am, we really only have 1 option on brands of pork rinds so it's not something I rely on but just for a little variety every now and then.

I'm in the south and I know that my sister can get chia seeds at Wal-Mart up north but they don't have them down here. I just love how different regions make some things hard. I love Trader Joe's but driving 2 hours there and 2 hours back is really not convenient (of course, it used to be the closest one was 8 hours so at least that is progress!).

It would just be so much lovelier to be able to actually walk into a store and, you know, just purchase things as easily as people purchase potato chips, say. Ordering online is one thing but isn't helpful when you want something NOW.
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