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Some of it could be 'water weight', but that's how the body gears up in switching to a low carb diet. First we get rid of the carbs. Carbs take a lot of water to digest. When you change over to LC, you no longer need lots of water swishing around to handle the carbs, so you release some of it.

Then, after you've cut the carbs back low enough (and 20 is almost certainly fine), your body will get used to running on protein and fat, including stored body fat. Sometimes it can take a month or more to get fully adapted, but it will happen if you keep at it. And then you'll have easy access to your stored fat to use as fuel. That's the time to fine-tune your food plan calorie-wise, always respecting appetite and having meals that get you full but not stuffed. And then you'll really burn body fat, sometimes fast and sometimes moderately.

So, maybe some of your loss is water-weight, but that's a great sign that you're on your way.
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