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OK, thanks, here's what I did:

I wanted to try both methods, so first I took 1/16 tsp from my 1/4 ounce container, added it to one cup of granulated erythritol, spun it in the food processor, and poured it into a jar.

I then poured the rest of the 1/4 ounce into a teaspoon measure, and confirmed that there was about 1.3 teaspoons of the stuff. I added that to five teaspoons of water that I'd boiled in the microwave.

I'll test this with my bioassay. That is, I'll have my wife add the usual one drop of the resulting solution to her cup of coffee, and let me know if it is the correct sweetness.


Price Comparison:

Assuming 76 drops per teaspoon, my 5 tsp solution yields the equivalent of 380 tsp of sugar (76*5), or 7.9 cups of sugar equivalence. Since I paid $7.95 for it,

Price per 1 cup Sugar Equivalence = $1.01

OR, assuming that my solution is equivalent to the EZ-Sweetz:

Online price of 6 tsp (1 oz) of EZ-Sweetz: $12.99
Online price of 6 tsp mixed as above: $8.69 (6/5.5 * 7.95).

I had expected bigger savings, so I'm not sure it's worth the extra bother of mixing, etc.

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