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Al, I guess you will just have to do some experimenting on your own using some info from the thread. I am almost finished with a bottle of liquid Splenda I bought from someone in Australia in 2004! This stuff is 1/4 tsp equals 1 cup sugar which is about 20 drops so it is hard to figure what one drop equals. I usually just drop it and taste as I go. I will have to decide whether to order the liquid Splenda from Netrition or get some of the concentrated powder from Ebay. I may get both. I have some of that concentrated powder (probably the same as you have) which I got in a little plastic bag before I got the stuff in 2004 and it is still good. I kept it for a long time without using it but now that it is more available, I'm using it up. I use 1/8 tsp of that for 1 cup sugar. It is the purest tasting sucralose I've ever used and I like it for baking.
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