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The endo I saw for a couple of years at Cleveland Clinic only spoke about metformin as being a drug that stopped the liver from inappropriately dumping glucose. I don't remember him ever mentioning it improving insulin sensitivity.

The website mentioned by ravenrose agrees with what the endo told me. However, several other benefits are noted which you might be able to sell to your pcp. It appears to help prevent several types of cancer. Metformin might also help to heal a fatty liver. It appears to be a benign drug so maybe you could convince your doctor to try it for 6 months to see if it will help you with weight loss.

I would strongly recommend using the extended release and building up over several weeks to the full dose. My pcp suggested I switch taking metformin from evening to morning and my blood sugars ROCKETED to 250 . Needless to say (after actually weeping over those readings) I went back to taking metformin at bed time. When initially prescribed I took it with dinner, but found for me it works better at bedtime.

I know you aren't crazy about the webmistress, but there is a good collection of documentation and studies about metformin on her website.
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