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It worked great

I used my food processor, and I did the drops of splenda all around after I added the almond meal. I went back to the top of this thread, and a few posts in, there's carb counts, one includes liquid splenda.

I did NOT cut up the butter enough, so to get it all processed, instead of a "meal" texture, I got a paste. It still worked fine--both the batter part and the part that is reserved for "crumble"... so if that happens to you, don't worry!

My version came out just like the picture basically, though I went with a rectangular glass pan b/c I was making 3x the recipe. I came out with about 12-14 slices (I cut it in 14 but the last few slices aren't even, so it's more like 12 slices) and my calculations came out to about 7g per slice.
Not an every-day indulgence for me, but not too bad if you keep your other carbs in the day low.

Anyway-- just make sure to mix it well if using liquid sweetener and you should be fine
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