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Ugh. We went the soy cheese route when the pediatrician thought her stomach issues (way back when) were related to dairy. Hated it!! Never tried it again LOL.

Now, NONE of my kids (I have 4) will sit down and drink a glass of milk straight. They don't like it, never have and I have never been one to push it on them. They don't like it, they don't get it period. End of story. Not worth the hassle. Being low carb for so long has taught me that milk is not that great anyway. That is why I didn't have to find soy milk, coconut milk or any other alternatives for the drink.

Now, dairy products---whole 'nother story LOL. She eats cheese at every single meal. Even DH made eggs with morning with cheese in it! Salad gets cheese, a piece of cheese with an apple. I mean all the time. So we won't do the cheese alternatives. She won't like them.

Thank goodness the doc didn't see any issues with dairy on her test results.
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