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It took 12 weeks of being gluten free before I knew that I needed to avoid gluten, and I found out for sure by eating some. I had been gluten-free for 8 weeks when I ate some cake w/o thinking. I had no reaction, but my ND said 12 weeks, so I started over, and he was right.

I use Gluten Digest by Now. It's the DPP IV that my MD said to look for. At the same time, though, my ND said that they don't recommend this to people because people tend to use things like this as an excuse to still consume gluten. The problem is that the damage is still being done even if the person doesn't feel the symptoms. I use it when I'm eating something gluten-free that might have cross-contamination issues. I don't ever eat something if I think or know that it contains gluten. I have never had a reaction while using this before meals, but another ND said it's a coincidence and that DPP IV doesn't work. I still use it, though, just in case.

When I do have gluten accidentally, there is nothing that I've found to do about it except wait it out. Depression is a common side-effect, so if she acts out of sorts, that might be why.

I don't know what you know about gluten, but be sure to check all labels. ChapStick is out. I use Crest. Colgate caused a reaction in me even though it's supposedly gluten-free. Check medicines, too.

I would definitely try at least 12 weeks of gluten-free to see how she does. I've read that many people w/ celiac react to dairy in a similar way.

It can feel overwhelming, but it is doable. It just takes persistence and learning at the beginning. I am used to it, now, and you'll get used to it, too.
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