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Originally Posted by dawnyama View Post
I am convinced my daughter has celiac but every test shows she doesn't. She has had "tummy trouble" for about a year now. The ped treated it, the ped endocrinologist she sees for tyep 1 diabetes tested for celiac and the markers are "not there", the ped gastrologist diagnosed her as having acid reflux. The ped gastroenterologist also did an ultrasound of her gallbladder and it is as healthy as can be! So we have ruled things out, but that celiac still lingers in my mind since she already has a few auto-immune issues. One more won't surprise me.

She has missed the past 2 days of school. I cannot see her in pain any longer and we are very frustrated in what to do for her. Her old meds we treated her with in the past are not working. We thought she would be Ok today, but she is still doubled over in pain. So since the acid reflux meds are not working I bought some digestive enzymes for celiac. I hope these work. My question is has anyone found a supplement for when you do ingest gluten? Does anything take the pain away? What I bought says it helps with gluten and casein digestion (she was tested for milk allergies and we were told she had none ). Has anyone tried something like this? I need her to go to school. She is in 6th grade and is not allowed to miss more than 10 days. She is meeting that limit with her doctor visits already to the endo. Add this issue to her ailments and it adds up quickly.

I hope someone has tried enzymes for celiac with some relief!!
I never tested positive for it either but it was literally killing me and I only found out just how many things were to blame from eating it, by removing it. Even if tests don't show maybe do a trial and see how she feels. I felt drastically better after 4 days. When I slip up and eat it now nothing helps, I just have to wait it out and by 2-3 days I am back to feeling well.
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