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Wow, are you guys tough or what?...Keira is a very smart kid...I would think as she does....I remember my dad would eat pig's feet when I was a kid, and he wanted me to try them but I said...I don't eat feet...any kind of feet..haha..then when I got married my father in law was a farmer, and word has it that he will eat anything that doesn't eat him first...after I saw him slice up stewed pig snout, ..I think I believed it...I'm just a chicken when it comes to trying new food items..I can't even eat sardines if the heads are on them. but, I really wanted to try Kimchee..that's Korean pickled veggies..and I was all set to try when I heard that sometimes they bury the kimchee for a year or longer under ground..and sometimes put raw oysters in I backed out.
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