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Oh coconut oil....

I really



Wish I could like it!

I got unrefined CO (the NOW brand, black canister) and I hated it. It was awful. I had to throw it out. Tried making chocolate CO cups, blech; Tried putting it in my coffee, blech; I just couldn't get over the smell.

But then I hear that REFINED CO is not smelly? Is this true? Also I wonder if certain brands are better than others. I just don't want to pay so much $ and waste if on something I don't like. KWIM?

If weight didn't matter, I could eat my weight in mounds & macaroons - I love that kind of coconut...but it's all sugar.

Oh and ETA - is coconut BUTTER better/different than CO? I know different textures/uses, but taste too? Because i'm thinking maybe i'd like that better?

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