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Originally Posted by mojocat View Post
Marika I was having the same issues and I'm back on the HCG and feeling fantastic. HCG seems to re-establish my relationship with food and gets me back on the right track. I hope one day to return to JUDDD because for me it is something I can do long-term but it did aggravate binging for me.

Have you read Julia Ross's book the diet cure? I will be transitioning onto amino acid therapy after my protocol. They are only taken temporarily until you don't need them anymore.

I don't know how to advise you and I know how you have been struggling along with myself. By the way I've noticed a new honey flavour in liquid stevia; it could be a way to deal with the honey craving.
Oh, Mojo- please don't tell me about honey flavored stevia

Yes, I read her book. I am just reluctant to take anything. I have such a sensitive system, that less I take the better. I got the l-glutamine last week and took 1 dosage and then chickened out.
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