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Originally Posted by Jbinme View Post
I think it was you that asked about thyroid on the JUDDD board?
I've been wondering the same as I have hypothyroid. I don't know if or how any of these eating plans affect it but it would be nice some day if we can know the best way to eat to maximize our thyroid function.
Yes, that's me I don't really think I am hypothyroid, it could be my body reacting to either low carb or low calories (on DD). It is a mystery.
Originally Posted by Jbinme View Post
I hope you find what works for you
That binge monster can be so frustrating.
Yes, it is really frustrating.

I think I am going to try NK. I just calculated by numbers oh boy, my protein will be cut to 1/3 of what I normally eat. If it works, I have no problem eating less protein. I sometimes find myself eating 1-2 lb of protein a day (which is also very $$$). I just hope I can get the satisfaction with less volume of food.
I am glad to hear that NK is working for someone with binging. I was just on *** and saw few people on NK with previous binging issues. So there is hope!
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