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On JUDDD- If you've read the book, Dr. J (developer of JUDDD) specifically warns that anyone with binge tendencies may have serious problems with JUDDD. It's been known for some time that a 'sense of restriction' (not restriction itself but the perception) tends to lead to binges.
When I did JUDDD, I had no problems at all because I never perceived the DDs as restricting. To me, they were 'liberating,' helping me feel in control of food for the first time in my life.

As to staying on plan, I personally rarely go off if the food isn't available. That is, if I don't have nuts and yoghurt in the house but want to overeat, I may make an omelet or grill a burger. I usually like to keep some hard-boiled eggs available for those times.

Of course, if you'd go out and buy stuff, then my technique won't work.
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