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Hi Louise, boy, it sure took a long time for them to get to poor Bob, but at least it's done now. Good thing he can text. What kinds of foods is he allowed to swallow? I can imagine just how beat you are, depressed, etc. and exhausted. Hope you can sleep tonight, or do you have to walk the dogs yet? No, I don't read while on the bike, I watch the clock and do certains times of really fast, and then slower, off and on, not just "riding" the same speed, etc., so not able to focus on reading anything for pleasure. Haven't been able to read or watch tv for pleasure in several years, really. How far is the hospital from where you live, and do you take a bus or drive?

We had a hummingbird come back today, so had to redo the frozen feeders, the birdie came time and time again to feed, but don't know why it's here now. It's happened before, though.

Good Night, ALL. Verleen, hope the house stuff is moving smoothly. Hope you are doing ok, too.

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