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hi kids-

B had his biopsy at 4:30 after starting a fast at midnight and is now waiting to see if he is allowed food tonight. He has been given some water at least. We've been texting and he sounds fairly chipper. I've asked him to urge the doctors to release him home. Even if we need a visiting nurse, I think he will recover here better (food, mental health, etc.).

I am wiped out. Have had no interest in TV. Have read a bit, but not done much beyond a couple of errands and looking after the pets. Emotional strain maybe?

Doris, can you try reading while on the exercise bike? Just a thought. Or get some audio tapes. Elizabeth George is a fabulous mystery writer if you have not experienced her before.

Hope Verleen is okay. Hope Anne and all those suffering with flu, etc. are better.

By the way, Begette, my former brother-in-law was the one and only shrink (psychoanalyst) in Bellingham for years, having gotten his credentials in NYC. He moved out there because he was tired of dealing with bored housewives and actors trying to "find" themselves. He also helped catch the Green River killer through profiling he did and, as an amateur oceanographer, contributed new species to the Vancouver aquarium. Quite an interesting character. Have in laws family in Port Angeles also.

Night, night all. I'm beat.

All the best and thank you for your concerns about Bob,

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