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Thanks, Linda, I had no idea what those things Were, lol, had to sit and study them. At first, I thought it was a Mickey Mouse ears thingy, lol. I've never even thought about when bread was baked, when I buy it, now will have to pay attention. I always yank off that tag and put on a twist tie. You guys are super alert on here!

It's still so danged cold, but hit 12 degrees and is still there this morning. dh had to chop up several buckets of ice that was stuck in the gutters on the ground that aim in the back yard area, took him some heavy duty movement.

Susan, I'm still glad that you will be heading for Florida again, and something new and pleasurable to do.

Texas son says they had some snow yesterday, lol. Michele, I don't know if Austin had any, but Plano and Frisco did. Our daughter in law had to fly to Philadelphia on Sunday, she has to work there until the 25th., so our son is taking care of grandson alone, and thankful that they have a wonderful daycare center, that provides early meals and such.

Have as good a day as you are able to, friends.

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