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I don't read comments to articles anymore. Unfortunately, a lot of people just can't wait to rush in and show their ignorance on the topic.

I will say that ADF is a tough sell unless people are ready and open-minded. Most people treat you like you have an eating disorder. The idea that you have to eat breakfast is very ingrained as is the idea that you have to have "three squares" plus snacks or you are starving yourself.

If you read about JUDDD on pretty much any other forum, it's treated like a crash diet or eating disorder, especially on fitness forums. Mosley's 5:2 diet is a little better tolerated because it's less extreme but most other intermittent fasting protocols are definitely considered suspect.

If I were able to get thin by "just watching calories and eating healthy", I wouldn't need this (or LC or LF or...). Unfortunately, watching every morsel that goes into my mouth day after day after day gets very old and any progress made can easily be undone.

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