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I found it on Youtube by googling...
It's almost maddening - they are so resistant to anything that challenges mainstream thought on diet and nutrition.

For one thing, they can't do math. Naysayers are so focused on that 500 calorie day - as if in one day your body could begin to slowly starve...

I do agree that she could present the WOE in way that doesn't seem to promote unhealthy eating on the UD. Some people won't be able to get past the book cover showing donuts and pizza... and the idea of junk binging.
I think we can all agree that most people can't do that. It misleads a bit.

I wish she could have focused on the healing health benefits of fasting, and getting the word out here that not only will you not die if you fast, it's better than the constant face feeding they've taught for so long. She did list some benefits rather quickly, but it got lost in the conversation.

She seemed almost apologetic as the interview went on - and in the end, said that it will work for "some people", as an alternative to other diets. Not very convincing.

I'm not all negative on it though, I am thrilled that they put her on - and she had a lot of good points to share that hopefully gets people thinking.

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