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Originally Posted by Kismet311 View Post
I track calories and they are usually pretty accurate so when I check out grapefruit it seems like half a large pink grapefruit would be around 50 calories. They had 4 entries and they all pretty much averged out to 50-55 for a half.
Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
One source I looked at gave the weight in grams for one half of a small grapefruit (3 1/2 inch diameter, 100 g) = 32 calories. Half of a large 4 1/2 inch diameter grapefruit, 166 g was 53 calories. They both give you 0.32 calories per gram of grapefruit.

I personally, would just estimate, because honestly the difference of 10 or 20 calories isnt that crucial. But if you are really concerned about accuracy, you could weigh the grapefruit and then calculate per gram or per ounce.
Originally Posted by ravenrose View Post
I agree with Kismet. I see about 52 cal for ONE HALF a 3 3/4" pink grapefruit, so you should probably count 105 for the whole thing, but adjust up or down if yours is not that size. unfortunately, most of the produce we get these days is larger than what is shown in those calorie sites. what sells as a "large" might be much bigger than that, in which case you really need to go by ounce, which is the best way in any case!
Thanks guys. Looks like I found some good DD fruit!
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