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Thanks to you both. I was really hoping to not have to count calories (I've done it in the past with moderate results, but it has proven to be too time consuming for my lifestyle at the moment; full-time school, fiance' is full-time grad school/thesis, two kids-one with a disability, part-time internship, dogs, house, etc.). Thealything, thank you for your words of encouragement....I look pretty good too, at 150 and also haven't seen that weight since about 20 years old! I am looking on Amazon for a used copy of the newest Atkins?? The only other book I had prior was South Beach cookbook and read the little snipet of info in the beginning of the book. I've never "jumped fully" into Atkins and honestly the time thing is hard for me....also the proportion of fat, carbs, calories (or whatever it is) looks difficult for me to try to figure out at every meal. Not difficult because I am uneducated, but just time-consuming. When I first tried LC (and not using any books as a guide) I did keep track (loosely) and when I tried to keep my carb intake around 30g per day I felt the induction flu but all the time...bad headaches, nauseas, unhealthy, etc. I will start by trying to keep track of my carbs. I know that I eat too many nuts and cheese...sometimes. I tend to try and eat a LOT of salads with either homemade Italian (oil and vinegar dressing) or Hidden V. Ranch, with cheese. Not a lot of cheese, but parmesan on my italian salads and shredded cheddar or something similar on my "ranch" salads. I try to put lots of veggies on my salads when I have time, like: tomatoes, hard-boiled egg (I know an egg isn't a veggie, lol), cucumber, green onions, fresh mushrooms, etc. I never use carrots or eat potatoes, breads, sweets, etc. However, my fiance' makes a killer LC cheesecake that has a TON of fat but he makes it around my PMS times....
Sorry I am so long-winded...I truly appreciate your feedback and wish you all the best of luck also!! :-)
P.S. I don't have a CLUE as to what some of the acronyms are on here :-/ Please fill me in for awhile until I get the hang of it! Thanks!
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