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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: Dec 31, 2012 (cause it was Monday)doing this again
As much as I hate this - every time you do Atkins, it gets harder. You will never see weight loss like you did the first or 2nd time (some get another change or 3 before they stall)
Thats me - I've been on Atkins too many times so it's hard to work so hard and not loose - but it is better than a steady gain.
Age has a lot to do with it.
Ketone sticks are worthless IMNSHO but is something others stand by - eh.
The scale and measuring tape does it better.

I;ve read the book (older version) and need to get back into them - maybe I;ve forgotten something because I lost 3.5 lbs the first week, 5 the next the gained 3 last week! (I only weigh on Mondays so have my fingers crossed for tomorrow) Who knows why except me and I aint tellin - even myself.
I know I can cheat (have more almonds than I shoulda or cheese ) even "good cheats" can affect people badly - everyones system is different tho
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