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6lbs down & "stuck" already??

Hello all! I have done LC in the past, paired with some pretty massive exercise and I lost 81 pounds. I have never read any of the LC books, I just pretty much researched recipes online and kept away from sugar, starches, etc. I am currently following the same mantra. I don't count how many carbs I am eating. I do use ketostix to test my urine and have been in ketosis since Jan. 1, 2013.
My question is...why have I not been losing consistently? My fiance' also started LC on Jan. 1st, 2013 and we both lost about 6 pounds during the first 2 weeks and now the scale just goes up a pound and then back down. Could we both be hitting a plateau this early on?
Also, I just began light exercise (walking). I am a mother of two, a full-time student (finishing my last semester; Social Work), I am at my internship 15 hours a week, and I have 2 dogs and a house to take care of, so it's not always easy to find time to plan, shop, cook, or exercise.
Thanks ahead of time for all of the support. I plan to come here often and educate myself through you guys!
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