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I think she's still 'missed the boat'. The calorie restriction is not a problem and 1200-1500 calories is quite acceptable for someone wanting to lose weight. The problem was not restricting the calories, it was the high carb/low fat part of their program that was the problem.

It's irresponsible to tell someone that all they need to do is 'eat real food' and 'be active' if they're still eating more calories than they expend. That's setting themselves up for that feeling of being a failure again.

Calories aren't the be all and end all of losing weight, but they do count. My middle son does CrossFit regularly to the level of competing in various events (and is one of the instructors) and eats Paleo...and barely maintains an appropriate weight and he admits that it is because as much as he's eating 'real food' and keeping active (far more active than most people), he's also eating more calories than he's expending.

1200-1500 calories is not unhealthy. How you eat those calories can be.
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