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I love to hollow out my bagels but I still can't seem to control myself around them -- aargh. Stayed away from the bagels so far today but I did succumb to some baked goods that a vendor brought in. Oy - hazardous working conditions here. Spent 100+ calories on a piece of a chocolate croissant. It was heaven though.

Soren - your determination and good attitude is amazing. You never seem to whine though by my calculations you would be well within your rights! Good things have to happen for all us slow pokes eventually. I am starting to see some movement now using the DD-MD-UD rotation though it is very early days and I also started increasing my exercise at the same time so not sure what is working really. Only time will tell but I appear to be down 2-3 pounds in the last 6 days. That is more movement than I have seen in months so I am encouraged - and not whining for once. I am rooting for you!

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